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Chillpak Hollywood Hour #223

Forgive us for another delay, but your friend in podcasting, Dean Haglund is working CRAAZY hours shooting his hosting segments for “The X-Files” forthcoming syndication run on YouToo, a brand new cable network. Dean describes more of what he’s been shooting, and what kind of interactive technologies this network plans on utilizing on-air. And since talk of “The X-Files” is in the air, it’s only fitting that Dean and Phil discuss the brand new show Frank Spotnitz has sold to Cinemax and that show’s origins. What will be of particular interest to X-philes is the discussion Dean and Frank had in London about the possibility of an X-Files 3 and the real reason it hasn’t happened already (and no, Fox is NOT to blame).

Of course, even if you’ve never seen an episode of “The X-Files”, there will be plenty to love about this week’s installment of YOUR Chillpak Hollyood Hour, including discussions of a new Alien, a new Blade Runner and a new …The Wild Bunch?!?

Phil sings the praises of three actresses who have really come into their own as movie stars and whose extraordinary talents are on display at American multiplexes right now.

As podcast royalty, it is the responsibility of Dean and Phil to remember the Queen of Hollywood and a former First Lady, both of whom died this past week.

Finally, amidst all the stories of marketing madness and bizarre celebrity behavior, Dean and Phil find time to plot a way of attracting a brand new sponsor for show, looking to “The Jersey Shore”‘s The Situation for inspiration!

3 Responses to “Chillpak Hollywood Hour #223”

  • Devaleena:

    ok, love the fact that Chris is just chillin’ and it is rather he would put his heart and his self in it. keep faith Xphiles, it is going to happen.

    Keep calm, don’t panic.

    I don’t like that Gillian might not be able to do the other role ‘of a kick-a$$ security guard?’ LOL ;) ’ that was written for her by Frank, :( (that it’s been sold) that she rather liked the original screenplay better, so can’t they stick to the original

    love the fact Dean is going to put in his voice in about 60 episode telecasts of The X-Files, and some additional/funny inputs

    Awww ‘The Truth is out there’ stickers XD

  • Hi Guys.

    Interesting part on the filmmakers and emotions. Think that’s where the hope for independent movies is? I don’t want to blame Hollywood for this. But just that maybe in the stories of indi films the chances are that a emotional problem resulting from a situation or a relationship is not solved by going to Starbucks, buying a new car, or going on vacation. As in “how do we react to problems” “how do we solve them in a constructive way”.

    Just seems that indipendent films can be so much more emotional (not in general but you know). I guess you 2 would know indi movies like that.
    Maybe it all has to do with functioning. That emotions stand in the way of ‘rational’ decisions. And what are the role models? Strenght and well payed job. Career, control, rationality. Because that what we should want to be.
    Smaller stories with more drama strike me as a search for orientation as individual/group in this world. A search for something to hold on to while nothing is permanent.

    Anyway, I think it’s obvious which stories are more compelling. Plus the effect on society always consuming images of what they already know seems like a false comfort (soemtimes) and we now see how slowly we come up with solutions in changing circumstances (cause we got used to …).

  • and thanks for the Frank Spotnitz mentioning :D . much appreciated!

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