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Chillpak Hollywood Hour #390

Buckle up, this one is a wild ride, boasting many questions …

Is Dean living in nominal time? Is there going to be a “new” film from Orson Welles? Did Phil join the Blue Man Group? What is feminism? What’s the deal with Dr. Who? What’s with the graphic sex in Blue is the Warmest Color? Should Interstellar really be called Inter(mittently) Stellar? Why might the Marvel films might outperform the DC films? What was revealed in the Sarah Jones/Midnight Rider lawsuit? Will Jennifer Aniston be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar this year?

All that is discussed, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch’s new gigs and a Live Event of the Week featuring a CHH family member.

Finally, make sure to check out the incredibly moving Project Unbreakable and the incredibly cool “Urban Legends” Halloween short film Lily Holleman stars in.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #175

Dean Haglund tasked Phil Leirness with providing a primer on the work of the late Claude Chabrol, a founding figure of the French New Wave, and a prolific film artist who has often been described as the “French Alfred Hitchcock”. Phil approaches this fulfills this task with his usual thoroughness, so keep that Netflix queue handy! Dean and Phil just got back from a screening of the 2nd edit of their feature documentary, The Truth Is Out There and they share their frustrations, their hopes, their aims and the challenges facing them moving forward. Fall is traditionally the season when it becomes safe for adults (or those youths with discriminating tastes) to return to the cinema, so Dean and Phil continue the cinematic discussion with two films they’re looking forward to, one about to be released AND one currently being cast. Plus they take on the marketing of Never Let Me Go and express their delight over the latest television adventures of Martin Scorsese, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. It’s YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #174

Dean is back from bicycling, wining and dining his way through Provence in France. He and Phil commiserate on the difficulties in getting LAST week’s installment of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour to you (yes, YOU!) their listeners. The ninth anniversary of 9/11 leads to a spirited and illuminating discussion about the events of that day and the many and varied responses to it, including the evolving attitudes towards the U.S. government and Islam. From a pastor in Florida who wants to burn the Quran to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, who issued his “Ten Commandments” of the Apple App Store, Dean and Phil take on both controversies and how they are being framed as “freedom of expression” issues. Your friends in podcasting then turn to entertainment to remember the great French New Wave director Claude Chabrol, to express their enthusiasm over a couple of television projects currently in development, and to assess the merits of a handful of forthcoming, current and recent theatrical releases. We thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy.

About the show
Dean Haglund, the actor, improv comic and inventor (best known as “Langly,” one of the three computer-hacking geeks on “The X-Files” and their spin-off series “The Lone Gunmen”) engages in thought-provoking, insightful, and irreverent cultural conversation with his co-host and producing partner, independent filmmaker and certified violence prevention specialist Phil Leirness in the production offices of Rational Exuberance. Warning: Dean and Phil's usually hilarious and frequently inspiring discussions are habit-forming, so please, enjoy responsibly!
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