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Chillpak Hollywood Hour #287

Who doesn’t enjoy a love story?

That’s the question on the minds of your friends in podcasting as this week as they welcome their special guest, Allan Piper.

Allan is an editor who has contributed to such shows as “What Not to Wear”, “Guide to Style”, “Wife Swap” and “American Treasures”.

He is a filmmaker who is currently touring with his latest feature film, a documentary called Married and Counting, that follows two men who celebrate 25 years together by traveling the country to get married in every state where they can.

Allan is also active politically and had “given up” the past year of his life to be part of the video production team for the Obama campaign.

Finally, Allan is a true gentleman and his appearance on the show is long overdue.

Filmmaking, marriage, politics … And yes, love stories … This week, on YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #160

Film Schools. Film Distribution. Marketing. Censorship. Primary election. BP. James Cameron. The Cove. Japan. Jim Carrey. John Wooden. Sex and the City. Amtrak. World Cup. Dragon-con 2011. Dean Haglund. Phil Leirness. Your Chillpak Hollywood Hour.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #68

We have a brand new name – Chillpak Hollywood Hour – But it’s the same irreverent Dean Haglund and potty-mouthed, soapbox-standing Phil Leirness.

Dean regales us with hysterical stories of this past weekend’s Dragon-Con and Phil satirizes the current election that is full of partisanship and petty bickering – That’s the Screen Actors Guild election!

About the show
Dean Haglund, the actor, improv comic and inventor (best known as “Langly,” one of the three computer-hacking geeks on “The X-Files” and their spin-off series “The Lone Gunmen”) engages in thought-provoking, insightful, and irreverent cultural conversation with his co-host and producing partner, independent filmmaker and certified violence prevention specialist Phil Leirness in the production offices of Rational Exuberance. Warning: Dean and Phil's usually hilarious and frequently inspiring discussions are habit-forming, so please, enjoy responsibly!
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