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Chillpak Hollywood Hour #199

It’s our first show on our all new, truly independent website and what an action-packed show it is!   Dean and Phil recount their experience sneak previewing The Truth Is Out There and UFO X-Fest.  They review three new films (Take Me Home Tonight, The Adjustment Bureau, Trust).   They take on the latest development and distribution news.   They tackle Charlie Sheen, Paul Haggis, The New Yorker, Twitter and Scientology.   They even take time to remember two Hollywood personages who died too late to be included in the Oscars’ “In Memorium” montage.   There’s also a tantalizing preview of next week’s show (which will feature a special guest!).   It’s been hell for us around here with websites failing, feedburners pointing in the wrong direction, shows becoming unavailable, so we really hope you enjoy the latest installment of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour!

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #150

The Thelma and Louise of podcasting are out the door to Arizona, where they’ll be interviewing physicist Bill Tiller for their documentary The Truth Is Out There before bum-rushing the University of Arizona’s consciousness lab in Tucson hoping to learn about something called The SOPHIA Project. Before they go, they’re giving reports on such disparate films as Hot Tub Time Machine, The Ghost Writer, and 1962’s Burn, Witch, Burn! Also, Lily Holleman’s acceptance speech while receiving the Method Fest’s Rising Star award and the death of Robert Culp both inspire Dean and Phil to revisit their “Is acting important” debate. Meanwhile, your friends in podcasting try to make heads or tails of the ANGER and VITRIOL surrounding the health care debate. The future of 3D movies and 3D televisions are debated, future episodes of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour are previewed, and the truth behind the Swastika found on the moon is revealed. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got load up the car and burn rubber out of downtown L.A.’s historic core.

About the show
Dean Haglund, the actor, improv comic and inventor (best known as “Langly,” one of the three computer-hacking geeks on “The X-Files” and their spin-off series “The Lone Gunmen”) engages in thought-provoking, insightful, and irreverent cultural conversation with his co-host and producing partner, independent filmmaker and certified violence prevention specialist Phil Leirness in the production offices of Rational Exuberance. Warning: Dean and Phil's usually hilarious and frequently inspiring discussions are habit-forming, so please, enjoy responsibly!
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