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Chillpak Hollywood Hour #360

Marc Hershon, the host of Succotash, is a member of the Illuminati?!

That’s just one of the many interesting tidbits you’ll learn, along with the source for the term “limelight”, a conspiracy to blow up the Los Angeles Times in the early 20th Century, and the real, behind-the-scenes origin of the name “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane.

There’s also movie talk aplenty (The Lego Movie, Anchorman 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Noah) AND the second half of Dean’s conversation with the great Rick Overton!

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #133

Phil Leirness is back from the east coast, and he brings with him a suitcase full of stories, ranging from the White House State Dinner crashers to Japanese “herbivores” to his own debut on the Broadway stage! Plus, he plugs the next production from Rational Exuberance and an interview he will be doing on Blog Talk Radio’s Good Karma Stories hosted by Ed Moy.

Dean Haglund is taking off for the east coast, for a starring role in a sci-fi horror adventure Atlantis Down. He previews that experience and discusses how his dance training has come in handy both as an actor and as a performer in action sequences.

Finally, ’tis the season for giving, so Dean and Phil leave you with a musical gift: A short snippet of the theme song from their forthcoming documentary The Truth Is Out There, written and performed by The B-Film Extras.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #101

One of the most popular new shows to debut on network television in 2009 is the witty and sexy “Castle” starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Dean and Phil welcome one of the writers and co-producers of the series to this week’s show. If you’re interested in writing, producing, directing or acting in television, or even if you’re simply a fan of the show, you won’t want to miss it!

Then, as an added bonus, once the interview is done, Phil gets out his soapbox and lets Seth Rogen (and the makers of Observe and Report) have it … First for a “funny” rape scene in their “comedy” and second for the ludicrous, misguided, uneducated attempt to defend said scene that Mr. Rogen was guilty of in interviews.

The inside skinny behind the scenes of a hot new show and rallying the troops in hopes of building a world free from sexual assaults and sexual violence – That juxtaposition pretty well demonstrates what we’re all about here at Chillpak Hollywood Hour!

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #97

It’s an all-star cast on this week’s show, with Dean and Phil discussing the deaths of Natasha Richardson and of Bob Yari’s distribution company. Dean and Phil then discuss the music of gorgeous and talented actresses Shawnee Smith and Missi Pyle, the box office appeal (or lack thereof) of Clive Owen, and the “leading lady” status of Julia Roberts, comparing her career longevity to that of Faye Dunaway. Finally, Dean and Phil discuss a disastrous horror remake, the need for “camp” in film and Phil badmouths two time Oscar-winning (and dead) director Robert Wise. It may sound morbid … Trust us, it’s almost always funny.

About the show
Dean Haglund, the actor, improv comic and inventor (best known as “Langly,” one of the three computer-hacking geeks on “The X-Files” and their spin-off series “The Lone Gunmen”) engages in thought-provoking, insightful, and irreverent cultural conversation with his co-host and producing partner, independent filmmaker and certified violence prevention specialist Phil Leirness in the production offices of Rational Exuberance. Warning: Dean and Phil's usually hilarious and frequently inspiring discussions are habit-forming, so please, enjoy responsibly!
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