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Chillpak Hollywood Hour #520

A show ten years in the making …

The tenth “Top Ten” show of year ten …

It’s our 10th Anniversary Show!

Join Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness as they count down their Top Ten Most Memorable episodes of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour. Featuring special appearances by Erynn Petrulis, Jamie Kaler, Gary Anthony Williams, Suli MCullough, Alexandra Barreto, Ilana Rein, Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Vince Gilligan, Jon Lawlor, Tucker Smallwood, Philip Newby, and Lily Holleman, there is truly something for EVERYONE in this action-packed trip down memory lane. In fact, SHARE THIS SHOW with your family, friends and colleagues, so that they can hear for themselves why and how your friends in podcasting continue to change the way people listen to the internet!

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #107

Dean and Phil hint at some new photos that will be posted on thieir Facebook and MySpace pages before leaping into action, hitting such a wide variety of topics as the Air France flight that disappeared over the Atlantic, the Screen Actors Guild contract vote, the genius of Huell Howser, the passing of the torch at “The Tonight Show”, the changing landscape of broadcast television advertising revenues, and what went wrong with the Terminator franchise. It’s a lot to tackle, but Dean and Phil are up to the task. Heck, they even remember to reveal what they’ve been reading.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #105

It’s all movies on this week’s episode! Dean and Phil start by running down the top ten grossing films thus far in 2009 and the list is a real head-scratcher. Phil hadn’t even heard of one of the films! They then discuss the films they’ve seen during the past week, including a very good documentary, a fantastic foreign film, and they even add a few more comments to the Star Trek discussion, before turning their attention to X-Men Origins:Wolverine, posing the question, “just how far – and how fast – can a franchise fall?” That brings up the latest Terminator, of course, and from there, Dean and Phil preview all the films coming out over the next four weeks, from the hopeful blockbusters to the quality independents, foreign language films and edgy dramas that hope to catch on as counter-programming at the multiplexes. From what we’ve seen Summer of 2009 is where audiences learn the disastrous effects of the writer’s guild strike of ‘07, when many films were rushed into production without workable scripts!

About the show
Dean Haglund, the actor, improv comic and inventor (best known as “Langly,” one of the three computer-hacking geeks on “The X-Files” and their spin-off series “The Lone Gunmen”) engages in thought-provoking, insightful, and irreverent cultural conversation with his co-host and producing partner, independent filmmaker and certified violence prevention specialist Phil Leirness in the production offices of Rational Exuberance. Warning: Dean and Phil's usually hilarious and frequently inspiring discussions are habit-forming, so please, enjoy responsibly!
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